Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sally Hanson Salon Effects

One of the items included in the Spring Beauty VoxBox complements of Influenster for review is one of my favorite nail products ever: Sally Hansen Salon Effects.

  • No dry time
  • Lasts up to 10 days
  • Removes easily with nail polish remover
  • 40 must-have styles

 All of the claims are true, in my experience. The strips go on just like a sticker, but it's not a sticker. It's actual printed nail polish. Just peel off both sides and use the convenient tab to place to "sticker". They include a stick to make sure it's smooth as well as a tiny nail file which you use to shave off the excess. All you have to do is fold it over the end of your nail and file it off. 

I've probably purchased 10 of these in the past year. The floral designs are my absolute favorite. I have gotten so many compliments on the designs and many people think I have painted on an intricate nail design myself. My only concern is with the glitter strips. The printed strips seem to work perfectly, but the glitter is a little more rubbery. They don't want to fold over the nail and file off as easily as the printed strips.

They are a little pricey at $9.99 for a set, but I've found that you can do multiple nails with most of the strips and get a good two uses out of it if you're careful. They also last forever. I have found that with a clear top coat, I can get a good two weeks out of them, if not more. There has been occasions on which I've had to change it because you could see my nail growth before it had actually started to wear off of the nail (I mostly use it on my toes). 

I want to go buy another set just talking about it.

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